Beam Work

This is quite a villainous piece of prose. Don’t try this at home unless you know what you’re doing 🙂

To my surprise and delight, most of the mail I’ve had from readers who like this piece has been from women who tell me that, while they might not do this in reality, it taps into a powerful fantasy I just love women’s fantasies.



Beam Work

Suzie, bound and stretched upon the beam, looks literally delicious. I want to pounce and bite and devour but I hold back. There is sometimes more pleasure in restraint.

To distract myself I walk slowly around her, reviewing the details of her bonds. It’s obsessive I know, but the details excite me. Each additional bond, each clever detail, heightens my arousal, as if a leather strap was being slowly cinched tight around the base of my cock.

Suzie’s legs, tied to the leather-padded wooden beam, are spread so wide that her body forms an upside down T shape. They are fine legs, strong but rounded and smooth. Eight straps of oiled black leather fasten Suzie to the beam at ankle, calf, lower and upper thigh.

The straps at her upper thighs, two inches below her cunt, deserve special scrutiny. That they are tied more loosely than the rest is not an act of charity. The inside of the upper half of these straps are lined with strong sharp needles, less than a quarter of an inch long. They have been tied just tightly enough to ensure that the points of the press on, but do not penetrate, the skin. Unless, of course, Suzie moves.

The rest of the straps are tied very tightly and her flesh swells voluptuously over the edges of them. I lick my lips. I want to take those folds of flesh into my mouth. I want to taste them. But I must not. Not yet.

Suzie’s upright position is maintained mainly by the smooth black rubber plugs that rise from the beam and push at an angle into cunt and arse.  The bulbous heads of the plugs stretched her as I lowered her onto them, making her gasp and shudder against me, but their narrow waists allowed Suzie’s abused muscles to close around them and now prevent her from expelling them.

My gaze rises to Suzie’s hands and my cock twitches with delight: the cuff on each wrist is clipped to a nipple by an alligator clip and a short chain. Suzie holds a two pound weight in her hands. The weight is chained to the noose at her neck. Such potential for mayhem and pain. Delicious.

She has already maintained her balance for fifteen minutes. I am impressed at her concentration. Suzie’s mouth, below her blindfolded eyes, is a straight line of compressed flesh. Her back gleams with sweat.

I can’t resist. I write my name in the sweat of her back using the tip of my hard cock. Suzie struggles for balance and moans as some the needles push into her thighs.

In front of her again I watch with amusement as she discovers that the butt plug is hollow and allows me to pump pressurised, warm, salty water into her. She squirms so hard her soft thighs are in danger of being ripped by the needles. I move swiftly to fasten the thigh straps tightly into her flesh. The stone walls of the cellar throw the echoes of Suzie’s screams back at us.

I stop the saline flow after a wineglass full has been injected, but the valve is one way and the pressure must be causing her pain.

Momentarily troubled, I remind Suzie of the safe word but she just shakes her head, perhaps not trusting herself to speak. I kiss her forehead.

Time, I think, for the whip.

Without support, the whip would cause Suzie to lose balance and either tear or throttle herself. I cannot permit that. I summon Mary to administer the cat to Suzie’s slick back. What she lacks in strength Mary will make up for in skill. She knows all the tender places. How to make the whip kiss Suzie’s sides and the bottom of her breasts. How to keep the strokes irregular to add to the tension. My cock in her mouth will be Suzie’s only support.

Her mouth is conveniently at crotch height as she sits impaled on the beam. My hands hold the back of her head. Suzie has already extended her tongue. I use it as slipway into her throat, pressing her to me until I am sheathed in her flesh.

I love how Mary’s small high breasts move as she raises the cat. I will let her continue until her hair is drenched in sweat and her arm trembles when it drops to her side. How often will I have come in Suzie’s mouth by then I wonder. Let’s find out….

© Mike Kimera 2001 All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without written permission from

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