Coffee Table Games

“Coffee Table Games” was originally intended as free-standing scene-focused BDSM Mff story. I had fun with it. It’s up close and personal and unimpeded by a quest for cosmic significance. Problem was, I kept wondering how such a threesome came about and how it would work out over time.

That nagging question produced “Beam Work” and “Recruiting Suzie” and finally about eight years later “Christmas with Mary and Suzie” They are still very focused scene stories but, by the time I got to the last one, I found I had to put in more characterization and back story. I don’t know if that means I’m getting better at this stuff or I’ve lost the ability to produce simple stories or if I’m just getting older and seeing things differently. Read them and let me know what you think.

Coffee Table Games

My cock now has that solid, weighty feel that comes when I have sustained an erection for some time without allowing myself even the slightest touch by way of relief. The girls are excelling themselves today. I’m a lucky man.

Suzie is on her back on the small tiled coffee table that I brought back from Spain. She is almost completely unable to move. Her legs and arms are folded under the table with her wrists tied to her ankles. Her knees are bound together. Her head leans over the edge of the table. What makes the tableau complete is the sight of Mary’s pale coltish thighs on either side of Suzie’s face.

I adjust the zoom on the video camera to focus on how Mary’s carrot coloured pubic hair grazes Suzie’s chin as she licks her tight fresh cunt.

Mary has been dropping wax onto Suzie’s breasts for the past fifteen minutes and in all that time the licking has been continuous. I take that as a tribute to the rigour of my training methods.

Mary is close to orgasm now. The freckles on Mary’s pale skin look darker. The skin between her breasts and neck looks flushed. She is making small mewing sounds. She has saved Suzie’s nipples for last. The left breast is covered in blue wax, the right in red. The nipples look naked.

As she comes against Suizie’s eager mouth, Mary drops hot wax on both nipples at the same time. I wonder if the little coffee table will survive the two of them bouncing like that.

Time for me to become involved. My finger, moving lightly over Suzie’s cunt and clit, shows me that she is very wet. Her eyes, between Mary’s legs, look glazed. Mary collapses forward on to her bound companion; her small breasts pushing into Suzie’s belly. Mary’s head rests on Suzie’s pubis; her hair is a red waterfall across Suzie’s thighs. For a moment I am unwilling to spoil the perfection of the image.

My cock nudges my aesthetic needs aside with a more urgent intent. I tie Mary on to her lover, using a rope around her waist and under the table, trapping her arms by her sides. I whisper in her ear and she starts to touch Suzie’s clit with the tip of her tongue. Gentle, brief touches. It would take a long time for Suzie to come that way. Suzie begs Mary to lick harder, struggling under the slight burden of Mary’s body, desperately seeking a mouth to meet her need. Mary, obedient girl that she is, continues the slow gentle lapping of Suzie’s clit.

Suzie sees the whip; Mary doesn’t. She is surprised when it cuts across her buttocks. Mary groans into Suzie’s cunt and grinds her pubis into Suzie’s breasts, cracking the wax she laboured to place there.

I hit her again… and again. Red welts trace the kiss of the whip on the soft white flesh of her buttocks. She is chewing Suzie’s clit now as she loses herself in her pain. Her body, where it touches Suzie’s, is slick with sweat.

Suzie’s eyes follow my cock, which sways in front of me as I hit Mary. She opens her mouth and licks her lips in a clear invitation. At this angle her mouth and throat form a straight line of tempting warmth.

I kneel and slide my hard cock deep inside her. I can feel the hot breath from her nostrils on the underside of my balls. She sucks on my cock with the same enthusiasm with which Mary is attacking her cunt.

The whip is still in my hand. Using small circular motions I work the smooth, rounded pommel of the braided black leather handle between Mary’s swollen labia. Only the rope around her waist prevents her from crawling away as her tight cunt is filled by the fat black handle of the whip.

I extract my now glazed cock from Suzie’s mouth. She moans in incoherent protest. Mary has adjusted to the invasive presence of the whip. Her hips are pushing slowly against Suzie’s breasts, trying in vain to find a point of purchase for her clit. Perhaps in sympathy with her need for relief she sucks Suzie’s whole clit into her mouth.  Grinning I spread her cheeks and force my lubricated cock into her arse in two practiced pushes. Mary’s head snaps back, stretching Suzie’s clit till it slips from her mouth as she cries out. I never last long in Mary’s arse but this time I can feel the whip handle in her cunt pressing against the underside of my cock and I know I will come very soon.

She is shouting now, a long stream of repetitive invective that sounds strange from the mouth of one so young.  Rather than pull my cock from her tight grip, I move the whip in and out of her cunt, driving us both towards a climax. Suzie has raised her head and is trying to capture my balls in her mouth. The touch of her tongue launches my sperm on its frantic race into Mary’s bowels. Mary arches her back as far as the rope will allow and then lies on Suzie with deathly stillness.

Gently I remove myself and the whip handle from Mary. Some of my cum drips from her arse, over her bruised cunt and pools at the base of Suzie’s neck. Both my balls are now in Suzie’s mouth. She seems to be trying to juggle them with her tongue. I open her mouth with my hand, kiss her briefly on the lips and say “Your turn”.

Walking around the coffee table, I see that Mary is almost asleep on top of Suzie, who’s completely unhooded clit stands ignored centimetres away from her mouth. Not for the first time I consider how complete Suzie’s clit would look if it was pierced.

They have both done well. They look magnificent. I bend to give Suzie her reward.

Prevented by the rope from opening her knees, she has been trying to press her legs together as closely as possible. Her upper thighs are slick with sweat, saliva and cunt juice. My lips close around her clit as my tongue caresses it. One finger pushes down between her tightly closed thighs to find itself sheathed in her plump wet labia. Her thighs flex. Her breathing halts. Then, with a moan so low I feel rather than hear it, she comes with her clit still in my mouth.

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