Going Public

“Going Public” is a brutal fantasy about the public use and abuse of a submissive woman. The scene is intense but there is little characterization and no back story.

This is a “Do Not Try This At Home” story that is violent and will not be to everyone’s taste. Definitely more porn that erotica.


Going Public

I am so aroused I feel as though my cock could punch through steel. It seems to me that every day in the last six months has lead to this, the moment of Fiona’s public submission. Now it is here I am so flooded with adrenalin that time has expanded, my senses are tuned to high and my excitement has become an unnatural calm.

Fiona, delicate, butter-wouldn’t melt, wicked, lascivious, delightful Fiona, is kneeling in front of me. She is naked apart from her white stockings. Her pale skin is innocent of the sun’s caress. Her hair is white not blonde and is completely straight. Her nipples look like berries, obscenely ripe and ready to be plucked.

The kneeling is not new. For weeks now she has greeted me like this when I return from work. What is different is that she is bound and we are far from being alone.

My erection is due in part to the excitement of tying her and in part to the presence of this audience.

I have done a good job both in terms of restraint and display. Fiona’s legs are pushed almost painfully far apart by a wooden block fastened between her knees. Her hands are roped, wrists to forearm. Another rope above her elbows pulls her arms back and raises her breasts. I have shaved her cunt and drawn her thick hair back into a ponytail held by a leather ring. Narrow threads of silk go from the ring, between her buttocks, outside her cunt lips, through the eyelets on the nipple clamps and come together at the clamp on her outstretched tongue.

Each time she eases the pressure on her tongue by moving her head forward the silk threads saw into her soft flesh and the clamps, which have serrated edges, bite into her breasts and pull them.

I am standing behind her, my erection resting on her shoulder. The mirror in front and behind her mean that we can both see how stretched and vulnerable she looks.

A powerful lamp creates a circle of light around us. At the edge of the light, their faces hidden in shadow, people stand in a circle, watching. I kiss the top of Fiona’s head, murmur, “This is your night,” and step back into the shadows.

The first man steps forward from the circle. His cock is small and not yet hard. He pushes Fiona’s head back and holds it there. The pressure on her tongue must be immense. He points his small cock at her mouth and pisses on her tongue.  The crowd cheers. He twists her left nipple, as he wipes his cock on her ponytail, then he rejoins the circle of shadows.

A young girl, with coffee-coloured skin, long coltish legs, braided hair decorated with beads, wipes the piss from Fiona’s face and breasts, kisses her neck and steps back into the darkness.

I watch for signs of distress or fear but Fiona’s eyes show only tension and arousal. She has started the long slow journey to leaving herself behind and melting into the flow of sensation.

A heavily built woman steps forward. She is wearing a business suit and carrying a tabletennis bat with holes drilled through it. Her name is Jenny. I have promised to bring her grief if she goes too far with Fiona. She can, sometimes, be excessive. Jenny kisses Fiona’s forehead. She straightens, smiles enigmatically at me, and then uses the bat with all her strength to knock Fiona’s breasts from side to side. At least that is how is seems. I know she must have pulled the stroke at the end but the effect is dramatic. She waits for the breasts to stop moving before she hits them again. Two blows to each breast. Looking Fiona in the eyes she pushes the handle of the bat into the kneeling woman’s exposed cunt and steps away.

Fiona’s legs are trembling slightly. Her eyes are filled with tears. Her breasts are starting to bruise, showing the checkered pattern of the bat. I stand above her and smile. I lean close to her ear “You look wonderful” I whisper as I release her tongue. I retie the threads to the nipple clamps; shortening them to pull on Fiona’s ponytail and force her head all the way back. The silk threads dig deeper into her flesh, making her labia swell. As a final touch I thread an elasticated cord between the rings on the nipple clamps, pulling Fiona’s bruised breasts together. “Enjoy,” I say, running my finger very briefly over her clit.

The young girl gives Fiona water to drink and puts salve on her lips. She massages oil into Fiona’s breasts, pushing them together gently. The nipples on the girl’s tiny breasts rise as she does this. She leaves the bat where it is, obscenely lodged in Fiona’s cunt. Already the handle is darkening from the flow of her juices.

Two men step forward together. One stands behind, the other in front, of Fiona. They take turns pushing their cocks into her mouth. Then they both enter it together, though they can only get the heads of their cocks in.  Fiona’s mouth is stretched. They push downwards. The bat touches the wood between her knees and is then pushed deeper into her.  Their cocks fight for mouth space. Her cheeks bulge. Perfectly coordinated, they pull out and come on her finely angled cheekbones. People clap politely. Performing a double facefuck with such perfect coordination and without dislocating Fiona’s jaw takes skill. The two men hold hands and then bow to the crowd.

The young girl squats in front of Fiona, braces herself by putting her hands on Fiona’s shoulders, and slowly, carefully, cleans Fiona’s face with her tongue. She looks like a kitten lapping cream. I can see the desire in Fiona’s face. “Please…” Fiona says, but the girl pushes Fiona’s mouth closed and licks the final traces of cum from her lips and steps away.

A teenager and an older woman step into the light. The woman leads him into the circle, her hand around his balls. She is known as Spiderwoman, because she likes to eat her mates. Even by Spiderwoman’s standards this boy is beautiful. His cock is average length but very wide. It curves up towards his belly and sways stiffly with every step he takes. With her head held back Fiona can only see their approach in the mirror behind her, but she strains to see. The threads push her cunt lips more tightly around the bat handle. Herr tongue moves across her upper lip as her eyes follow the progress of the boy’s cock.

The woman leads him to Fiona and places his cock into the channel made by her tied together tits. She kneels behind Fiona, pressing her breasts into Fiona’s back. She holds her hands in front of Fiona so that she can see that each one holds a pin, 4″ long, made of thin, sterile surgical steel. They are very very sharp. She pushes the pins into the undersides of Fiona’s breasts and uses them to wrap your breasts around the boy’s cock. I’ve felt this woman’s “bite” and I can imagine the line of heat that follows the shock of the penetration of the flesh. I tense, anxious to know if Fiona is groaning in pain or pleasure. My question is answered when she pushes out her tongue, trying to lick the end of the cock that is pushing through her breasts. Spiderwoman pulls Fiona’s head backwards, denying her the taste.

“Would you like his thick cock in you bitch?” Spiderwoman asks. “Do you want him pounding your wet cunt?”

“Yes” Fiona says, “please yes”.

Spiderwoman pushes her tongue into Fiona’s mouth. She looks like a predator crouched over Fiona’s small body.

“Please Miss, I’m nearly there. May I come please?”

Spiderwoman leaves the pins in Fiona’s breasts. With one hand she holds Fiona’s hair, with the other she strokes her belly just above the clit.

She lifts her mouth from Fiona’s, looks at her and says, “Come on the slut boy. Fuck her tits hard”.

Fiona yelps as the boy pulls on her nipple clamps, jambs his cock between her breasts, arches his back and shoots his cum over her neck and face and hair.

“Let me suck you. Please,” Fiona says.

The boy steps forward. Spiderwoman holds Fiona’s face next to her own and then sucks his softening cock. Fiona struggles to touch the cock but Spiderwoman pushes her questing tongue away.

Spiderwoman looks triumphant as she rises and leads the boy back into the crowd.

I am distracted by the crowd, which is getting noisy and excited. It takes me a little while to notice that Fiona rocking slowly and repeating, “please, please, please” like a mantra.

I bend to speak into her. “Tell us what you want” I say. “Let everyone know what you want”.

Fiona pauses, she looks out into the crowd and says, loudly and distinctly ” I want to come.”

There is applause. Fiona has done well.

“I have a gift for you,” I say, leading the girl with braided hair forward. “Her name is Afsi”.

I cut the threads holding back Fiona’s head. Afsi kneels in front of Fiona and catches her when she falls forward after I remove the bat from her cunt and the wooden block between her legs.

Fiona’s hands are still tied behind her. Afsi moves her mouth across Fiona’s breasts. She pulls out the sharp pins Spiderwoman left behind, unclamps Fiona’s nipples and suckles them as the blood rushes back in painfully fast. At a signal from me, Afsi lies on her back and scoots along eagerly so that her head is between Fiona’s legs. I push Fiona forward so that all her weight is on the girl.

“She will eat you while I take your arse” I say.

“Yes. Please yes.” Fiona says.

She lies with her chin on Afsi’s mound. Afsi’s tongue is working patiently along Fiona’s slit. Afsi holds Fiona’s cheeks apart for me. I slap Fiona’s arse with my cock, hold of the rope binding her arms and enter her. It is a tight fit and even with lube it, takes me three thrusts to get all the way in.

A hand, then another and another, touches Fiona, stroking her face, her shoulders, her breasts. All the people in the circle have come forward to pet and caress her. Every part of her is being touched, as her sense fill with the gentle touch of Afsi’s tongue and the urgent penetration of my cock.

Fiona lets her head fall forward and she starts to lap at Afsi’s clit in time to the beat of my cock in her arse. I fuck harder and faster. Fiona’s moan is now very loud, almost a howl. When I see her head start to toss from side to side I know she is almost there. Fiona’s cunt grips me, sucking the cum out of me. Afsi finally pushes two fingers into Fiona and digs for the G spot.

Fiona lifts her head and “FUCK YES” at all of us. I continue to ride her, lubricated by my own cum. She is lost to us now, oblivious to the people around her who are working alone or with others to find their own release.

When she is at last still, I cut the ropes that bind Fiona’s arms. Afsi and I help her to stand.  I pick Fiona up and hold her in my arms. Her eyes come back into focus and she smiles at me.  Then she reaches out a hand to pull Afsi close to us. They kiss properly for the first time.

“Welcome to the Group,” I say, leading them both to the comfort of a warm shower and fresh sheets.

© Mike Kimera 2002 All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without written permission from mikekimera@yahoo.co.uk

A story without a reader is incomplete. Please let me know what you think of this story by leaving a comment below.

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