Recruiting Suzie

This story is a prequel to “Coffee Table Games” and describes the (rather elaborative and slightly cruel) process used to bring Suzie into this rather strange little “family”

Recruiting Suzie

I can smell Suzie’s cunt the moment I walk in to the training room. She doesn’t know I’m there yet. She’s lost in the images on the screen before her; tormented by the strident demands of her body, which the restraints prevent her from satisfying.

“She looks wonderful,” Mary says, pressing closer to me.

It’s true. She is glowing with arousal. The curves of her slightly heavy body seem to swell with lust.

Two hours ago, at midnight, Mary helped me to bind Suzie. While I tied Suzie’s arms to the bamboo pole that runs across her shoulders, Mary spread her legs wide and strapped them, fully stretched, to the legs of the wooden chair. Mary was smiling when she attached the weighted nipple clamps. Finally, I inserted the soft ring gag that would hold Suzie’s mouth slightly open in the hours to come.

Standing before Suzie, I gave her one last chance to decline to the session. Then I put on the headpiece, a vice like pair of earphones attached to the back of the chair, that keeps her looking at the screen in front of her while feeding sound directly into her ears.

Since then she has been watching porno films. Not the kind you find at your local video store; specialist films, mainly from Japan. They show women being whipped; brutally fucked; having hard cocks and other objects forced deep into cunt and ass; being spanked or pierced with needles or pissed on. Extreme images, recut pop-video style to flash into the brain in short bursts and lodge there. Between these fierce collages there are stills and video segments of me using Mary, of Mary with another woman, of Mary and I in a threesome. Our scenes are slower, longer, a gentler ballet of submission.

My voice is edited into the sound track of screams and moans in film. Calmly, authoritatively, I tell her that we are going to play out these scenes. That her body’s response to them tells her of her deepest needs. That she wants to be used by me and by Mary and that we want to use her, to unlock her talent and potential.

My voice is almost hypnotic in its rhythm and tone. I tell her that I know that she needs this stimulation to achieve real, mind-wrenching orgasms, That she is hungry for these orgasms. That she deserves them. That, by surrendering to me, by giving her body and mind into my care, she can have this pleasure.

I promise that I will make her come again and again. That I will take her to parts of herself that no one else has ever touched. All she has to do is give me control. To acknowledge that her body is mine to use that her mind is mine to direct.

The speech is repeated and rephrased continuously throughout the tape. From the psych tests that she took, and from the tapes I have seen of her initial seduction by Mary, I know that my words will coil around her will, corroding it, setting her free.

It is 2:00am. The room is hot. Suzie is tired. It is time for the next step in the session.

I switch off the TV and move in front of Suzie. Her eyes meet mine. She is pleading for something. I’m not sure even she would know what.

I rub my finger on the juice-glazed seat below her cunt, careful not to touch her.

“Look Mary, Suzie has been having fun,” I say, holding out my sticky finger.

Mary grins and sucks the finger clean, looking into Suzie’s eyes as she does so. Dropping to her knees Mary, with the practised flamboyance of a magician’s assistant, frees my cock from my pants. Suzie’s whole body quivers at the sight of it. She pokes her tongue through the ring-gag in a clear invitation to lick me.

I respond by rubbing my cock against her face, leaving a trail of precum over cheeks and under her nose. She strains to try and capture me in her mouth but the headpiece constrains her movement.

I step back so that Suzie can get a clear view of the two metal rings that Mary is holding. They are stainless steel, cleverly designed to ratchet to a smaller diameter. I let Mary place the rings on the base of Suzie’s substantial breasts. Mary works the ratchets until Suzie’s breasts are squeezed and pushed outwards. They look obscenely swollen. Suzie groans when Mary sets the weights on the nipple clamps swinging like pendulums on a clock. Mary’s last gift to Suzie is a clit clamp, attached firmly to her hooded flesh. I think Suzie says “please”, but the gag distorts the sound, making it difficult to be sure.

“We want you to join us Suzie,” I say. “But we have to be sure that you want that. That you need it. Do you understand?”

Mary is behind Suzie now, stroking her tense shoulder muscles.

Suzie seems to be trying to consent. It sounds as though she is asking for my cock. She has not yet learnt that I need more than a request. I need her to feel her submission is inevitable and necessary.

Her arousal is like another presence in the room; loud, needy, deeply physical. But it still has not consumed her. She is still thinking rather than feeling. Time to raise the stakes.

Mary leans over and places her cheek so that it rests against Suzie’s. When I enter Mary’s mouth, Suzie almost screams with frustration. She can smell me; feel my hardness as I push against Mary’s cheek; but she remains empty; excluded.

Mary is ready for my climax. As she feels the cum forcing its way up from my balls she takes me from her mouth and points me at Suzie. Three threads of thick cum splash across Suzie’s breasts and neck. Suzie bounces in her desperation to be included.

“Thank you Mary,” I say. “But look at the mess you have made. You must make amends. Come here please.”

Mary is already wearing cuffs on her wrists and ankles. I make her face Suzie. I fasten Mary’s wrists to the rings on each side of Suzie’s collar, placing Mary’s hands on Suzie’s neck. She is now bent forward with her arse pointing towards me. Her long hair grazes Suzie’s nipples. I force Mary’s legs wide apart and fasten her ankles to the legs of Suzie’s chair. The two women are now very close but barely touching.

I take a strap from off the wall and crack it in the air for effect. I tell Mary not to move. She looks so enticing spread before me that I almost forget about Suzie. I want to lose myself in bringing a red glow of pain to this pale, muscled flesh.

The first hit sails through the air and lands on the inside of Mary’s right thigh. She is screaming through her tears as the strap hits her over and over on the thighs. I am please with my aim. There are no gaps between the strap marks. Her thighs are red from knee to cunt.

Suzie seems mesmerised. Her hands are clenching with every assault on Mary’s flesh. She is sweating. I know, with perfect certainty, that she wants to take Mary’s place; that she is jealous of Mary’s punishment.

I save the best shot for last. The strap snakes upwards and slaps viscously against Mary’s clit. Before she can stop screaming I am behind her, pushing two fingers into her swollen cunt and forcing my thumb into her puckered arsehole. I finger fuck her until I feel her come.

She slumps forward, resting against Suzie. Suzie’s eyes are wide and bright, as if she were on drugs. She eagerly sucks my fingers and thumb when I place them before her gag.

My erection is back after all this excitement. I untie Mary and turn her around. I make her sit between Suzie’s legs, her still painful thighs nestling back against Suzie’s tense muscles. I kiss her on the mouth, forcing her head back against Suzie’s distended breasts.

Then I fuck her. It is not easy. I have to squat. I steady myself by placing my hands on Mary’s knees. I use deep, slow strokes that let me push into Mary and force her buttocks back onto Suzie’s clamped clit.

I make eye contact with Suzie and maintain it throughout the fuck. Suzie’s face is flushed. She is crying and biting down on the ring gag.

Mary’s young tight cunt is so effective at milking me that I know the fuck will be short but sweet. I want her to come. She has been so good. When I am close I hold my cock still inside her, place my lips over hers and suck her tongue into my mouth, holding it there with my teeth. This is always a trigger for her. She spasms against my cock, drawing my cum from me.

I lift Mary away from Suzie. She is like a tired child in my arms. I put her over my shoulder, fireman style, and look at Suzie. With my free hand I remove the clamps from clit and nipples, each time being careful not to touch Suzie directly. Her gasps make my balls shiver and I could almost become hard again. Lastly, I remove the ring gag. Suzie stretches her abused jaw and licks her lips.

“Don’t speak,” I say. “We haven’t finished yet.”

I can see that she misunderstands. Her desire is so great that she thinks I can take her with Mary still over my shoulder.

I grin. Mary’s cunt is leaking cum. I scoop some up and rub it under Suzie’s nose. Then I kiss her lightly on the forehead.

“Soon I will ask you if you want to join us and give yourself to me,” I say. “But I want you to have time to make your decision, ” I start to walk away from her. “So Mary and I are going for a nap. I’ll be back in an hour for your answer. In the meantime, enjoy watching the TV.”

I switch on the tapes as I leave room. Suzie is sobbing but her eyes are fixed on the screen. I know that in an hour’s time she will be mine.

Mary stirs sleepily in my arms. I let her stand, leaning against me as we walk.

“That was good,” she says, “I hope Suzie joins us. Do you think she will?”

I just smile at her and hold her close. “Will,” I think to myself, “has very little to do with it.”

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2 thoughts on “Recruiting Suzie

  1. I have read all of the D/s stories you have on here and as always you leave me wanting more.

    Forever One of your greatest admirers


    • Hi Cassie,

      I’m glad you enjoy them. I have a couple more in the pipeline. I hope to get them here before the end of the year

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