Unorginal Sin

This  started life as a flasher – short fiction with a beginning, middle and end in 200 words – but I’ve been persuaded that it’s free verse.

I love poetry but I always assumed I lacked the technical knowledge and skill to write it.

I’d love to know what you think of this poem

Unoriginal Sin

© Mike Kimera 2010

There was a time

When my flesh saluted every young girl

Who smiled at me

Or absent-mindedly lifted her hair off her neck

Or rested a pencil on her plump lower lip

When all my blood raced for one woman

With dark, serious eyes

Who saw who I was and chose me anyway

Opening herself like a flower beneath a bee

When laughter was the soundtrack to our sex

Every bed, sofa, and table

Risked collapse under the weight of raucous ruts

That left us inextricably entwined

There came a time

When my lust-noose tightened for the forbidden

Flesh I had no right to knowledge of

Offered ripe and ready and without restraint

Swallowing me whole and leaving us broken

Months later

My heart held tight to forgiveness

Unspoken and undeserved

Dispensed with gentle touches and sad smiles

That left me drowning in her hurt-filled eyes

My mind marveled that my body could betray

All that made it sing

For some moments of intense release

That were not escape but panicked flight


My atheist soul whispers a prayer of praise

For strong, tenacious, abused love

That held me when I let go of myself

And daily grants me redemption

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