Lucky Man

Lucky Man (c) 2001  by Mike Kimera
The sound of her climax scarred my heart. An involuntary, animal sound that she could not hold in.
Eyes closed, yet still I saw her: split and ploughed, ankles held high by hands not mine, depths sounded with a speed and length and thickness I could but envy.
Never for me had she made that noise.
“It’ll be exciting,” I’d said, “I’d enjoy seeing you pleasured.”
When she demurred, I’d pressed. “Please? For me?” I’d persisted.
She gave way. He was arranged.
Leaving, he said to me, “You’re a lucky man.”
“I’m not,” I thought, “but I used to be.”

2 thoughts on “Lucky Man

  1. OOps the pit fall of the threesome. It makes for a great fantasy, but I can imagine
    that this reality is all too common.

    It sounds like a classic case of be careful what you wish for.

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