Shagging(c) 2001  by Mike Kimera
“Fancy a shag?” she ses, pushing her little tits out.
Not top totty, but the best on offer. I’m sorted with whizz. She’s gaggin for it.
The bogs stink of piss, no doors on the traps, lights fritzing. Perfect!
One foot on the bog, dress hiked, fingers in cunt, she ses, “C’mon. Gerrit out.”
Pokerhard it pushes up and in.
Fuckin TIGHT tart.
“Harder. Fuck me harder.”
Slammin’ her against the wall, grippin’ her arse, bangin’ and pushin’ and bitin’ her neck ’til I spit my spunk inside her.
She’s crumpled on the floor, still frigging, when I leave.

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