Why I Swallow

Why I swallow (c) 2002  by Mike Kimera

“Swallow it. You know I want you to.”

I hate being squatted over like this, mouth open, tongue out,
hoping the cum won’t land in my eyes.

“Coming ready or not.”

Fingers pull and stretch above me. Great gobs of cum slide out. I swallow but too quickly. The second load hits closed lips and drools across my cheek.

“Good boy,” she says, lowering her just-fucked cunt onto my face. “You getting hard eating my Hubby’s cum, boy?”

She laughs at my excitement. She knows what I’m waiting for.

“Ok” she says to her husband, “you can suck him now.”

One thought on “Why I Swallow

  1. Wow this is a very complex little menage a trois isn’t it ? Clearly the lady’s in charge.

    Makes me wonder who the lad is and how he became mixed up with the dominant lady.

    She likes to be watched while her bi sexual hubby fucks her, then she feeds the lad cum from her own body, and then likes to watch her hubby suck the lad off.

    Makes me yearn for a much longer story.

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