Sucking Harry

Sucking Harry © 2007  Mike Kimera.

Rose knelt and took Harry deep into her mouth in a single graceful move.

Nervously, I took my place behind her, pressing my chest into her back and cupping her breasts.

When Rose released Harry and lowered her head to work on his heavy sack, it took all my courage so close my virgin mouth on Harry’s cock.

Surprised by the heat and smell and the size, I gagged but still pushed forward.

The force of my own erection against my wife’s arse shocked me.

“I told you you’d like it,” Rose said, grasping my hardness “Now make him come.”

One thought on “Sucking Harry

  1. Sounds like another situation that as a fantasy is delicious, but that I could imagine going terribly wrong in the real world.

    Could he get to like being with Harry too much ?

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