Amy Goes To College: Chapter 2 Amy Plans Revenge

Amy Goes to College

Chapter 2: Amy Plans Revenge

(c) Mike Kimera 2004



Subject: How to solve a problem with Maria.

Hey Sis,

Great news, I’ve managed to screw Dean Julien Ward. Well, not really screw him, not yet anways, but his ass is mine. Which is only fair given the bruises he left of my ass when I got busted for smoking pot. Tonight I’m gonna make him pay for that.

You should see this guy: think Giles from Buffy –scrawny, old, snotty voice, no fashion sense – then add a cold hunger in the eyes. He’s into sex but it’s in some twisted Brit way that’s all controlled and condescending.

I knew as soon as I got into his office that he’d hit on me. A man like him probably doesn’t get fucked often unless he pays for it. And I’d have been fine with that. I like it here at Desert U. It’s not the world’s greatest college but at least they let me in. After that thing with the fire at my last college I thought no-one would take me. So I thought, “If I have to fuck devil-Giles to stay in school, hey I’ll just waggle my ass and get him off as quick as I can.”

Of course it didn’t go down like that. Friend Julien likes games. He leaves the handcuffs on and he gets me to call him sir, he even asks my permission before he lays into me.

The spanking shit was a surprise. I’d never been spanked before. You should try it – or have you tried it already? The whole of the next day I couldn’t stop thinking about his hand stinging my ass, his cock, not that long but plenty thick, pressing into me. All that heat and hardness… and pain. My ass was hurt but the pain was making me wet.

As you know I’ve always enjoyed sex. But I’ve enjoyed it like a sport I was good at or a game I could win. The spanking was different. It produced basic, gut churning lust. I wanted his cock and I wanted him to hurt me. I found myself wanting to have him slap my face with his cock as I knelt in front of him. But I also wanted him to lose himself to it. I wanted to see him sweat. I wanted to know he needed it as badly as me.

At the end of the spanking I was bent over, handcuffed, bare- assed, and wet enough to fuck a baseball bat and the bastard unlocked the handcuffs, called in his frumpy secretary and threw me out without even giving me a decent fuck.

It was like he was laughing at me. Like I wasn’t good enough to have his cock in me. Like he was in charge and I was just a toy. I ran out of his office full of anger and frustration. I wanted to go to my room, lie on my bed and frig myself unconscious but laying down wasn’t an option and by the time I got home my lust had become a hunger for revenge. No one turns me on and then just kicks me out. I decided I was going to fuck him and then break him.

That next day he walked past me in the corridor. I was leaning with my back against the wall. I opened my legs as I saw him and pushed my books up under my breasts. I made eye contact and then looked at his crotch, but he ignored me. Walked by as if I didn’t exist. I decided that that had to change. He had his guard is up against me, smug bastard. I needed to get past it to get to his cock. I needed a lever… or a Trojan horse. By the end of the day I’d found the solution: I’d get to Ward using Maria.

Maria is a Latino, just under 5′ tall, small breasts topped with coffee colored nipples, dark eyes, waist length black hair. She’s a local, still living at home with mummy and daddy; still dressing like she’s in high school – I bet her mom picks her clothes. Her best feature is her mouth. Her lips always look swollen and moist as if she’s just finished sucking cock. Except she doesn’t suck cock. Her preference is for pussy, my pussy in particular. She’d been trying to get a lick of my pussy for weeks. I’ve had girlfriends before – as you know very well J. A girl’s tongue on my clit is a welcome change, but Maria’s not in my social circle so I wasn’t interested.

Last week Maria met me coming out of a bar neither of us was supposed to go near. She was drunk and alone and as soon as she saw me her nipples saluted. I took her back to my car. As I put her in the back seat she made a grab for me.

She kissed me with those large lips, putting her tongue in my mouth. “I love you,” she said.

I let the kiss linger and then pushed her away saying, “Get off me, bitch”.

She caught hold of my arm and pulled my hand between her legs to her wet pussy.

“Please, Amy. I’ll do anything,” she said.

Her cunt was soaked. She was starting to turn me on. I pushed her back down on the seat, making sure no one could see us. I lay down on her full length. My tits pushing up against her. Her thigh trying to dry hump me between my legs.

I held her hands above her head and said, “Do you want my pussy, Maria? Do you want your tongue up my cunt?” She pushed against me but couldn’t move.

“Yes” she breathed, “God yes”.

“Well you’ll have to earn it you little lesbian slut”

That started to sober her up. She didn’t like that so much.

“If you want my pussy” I said, “I want to see this shaved and smooth.” I put my hand on her cunt and pushed two fingers in while still holding her hands above her head “and I want this pierced.”

I brought my hand out of her pussy and pushed it into her mouth, grabbing hold of her tongue. I liked the thought of a hard little stud in her tongue flicking against my clit.

Then I raped her mouth with my tongue. I was hot now and I wanted a fuck. She’d warmed me up nicely for the meeting with my boyfriend’s father at the Lazy O Motel that I’d been on my way to. It was time to go.

“OK slut, out of my car,” I said and dragged her ass out of there. As I drove off she was still on the ground in the parking lot with her hand buried in her panties.

I thought no more about it then, the day after Dean Shaw’s little bondage session, Maria was there when I went for my session in the gym. After the session, Maria followed me into the showers. She had the sense not to stand next to me but she let me see that her pussy was now smooth and hairless. With her slight figure it made her look very young and vulnerable. Her clit also looked larger.

I remembered that Maria had been out for a couple of days. I’d heard from the other girls that she’d had a major row with her father. I wondered if it was because she’d had her tongue pierced. I figured it was time to check her out. If she was pierced then she’d help me nail Ward.

I made sure I was out of the locker room before Maria was. I waited in the corridor and grabbed her wrist when she walked by. The stupid bitch actually smiled at me, delighted at the attention. I didn’t speak to her I just dragged her round the corner into one of the empty music rehearsal rooms. The soundproofing in these rooms makes them a favourite spot for a lunchtime fuck. I’d gotten the janitor to give me a key (you can guess how and no I didn’t swallow).

Alone with Maria in the room I pushed her up against the wall and said, “Show me.”

Without taking her eyes off mine she stuck out her tongue which was now decorated with a shiny silver stud. “And the rest,” I said.

She lifted her skirt and pushed down her panties to show her smooth pussy again. I put my hand on her mound and kissed her on the lips. Her nipples stood out like rivets.

“You’ve been a good slut so far, Maria, and tonight you get your reward.”

She smiled and tried to reach for me. I grabbed her by the cunt and slammed her ass back against the wall.

“Wait ’til I tell you,” I said “You’re going to help me get the man who did this to my ass.”

I took off my panties and showed her the bruising. She looked sorry for me – how touching – and I let her trace the bruises with her hand. Actually it felt good.

I decided to try out that stud of hers. I sat on one the chairs, opened my legs and had her kneel before me.

“Show me how you use that tongue, slut and I’ll tell you what we’re going to do”

She thanked me and set about licking my clit and cunt with the kind of skill that only comes from lots of practice. The girl was good and the stud would really help get me off.

I told her that tonight she would go to the Dean’s office just as his prim and proper secretary was leaving. She was to make sure the secretary saw her go in. Once inside she would ask for counselling about her father’s reaction to her stud. When she heard the secretary leave she would show the stud to the Dean and explain that her boyfriend made her get it for oral sex. She’d say he made her shave her pussy too and would take off her panties. If the Dean came on to her she was to suck his cock (not an idea she was keen on) if not she was to rip her clothing and throw herself on him. I would then enter.

With perfect timing I came on her face when her instructions were complete. She wanted me to finger her. I told her she hadn’t earned it yet but that I did have a present for her. I reached into my bag and pulled out a banana that I’d intended to have for lunch.

“Here, fuck yourself with this while I watch.”

If she did it I would know the slut was in my power. That banana disappeared inside her so far and so fast that it took my breath away. When she came I was glad the room was soundproof.

The plan worked well. The secretary saw Maria go in. Ten minutes later I entered on cue and found Maria on the floor (where Dean Ward had just thrown her – too cautious to get her to suck his cock). Her panties were off, her clothes were ripped, and his cock was hanging from his open fly. Maria does good work with the right incentives.

FLASH the camera goes off.

I explained to the Dean that I’d tell everyone he made Maria shave and get a stud and that I came along because she said she thought he would try to rape her once he got bored with her mouth.

You should have seen his face: outrage, disbelief, anger. He actually looked dangerous. Then I offered him a way out.

Of course” I said “It doesn’t have to be that way. Not if you decide to take both of us with you to the Lazy O Motel.”

His cock and his eyes both got hard then. For a moment I wondered if he would just rape us. Then he relaxed and leant back against his desk, his cock still sticking out of his pants. He picked up Maria’s panties and threw them at her.

Tomorrow. Eight o’clock. Now I want you and your slut out of my office.”

Maria scrambled over to me. She was frightened. She looks sexy when she’s frightened. My pussy was getting damp. I decided to sit on her face before I sent her home. It might even be fun to make her come. It would be good to keep her grateful; I wasn’t done with her yet.

See you tomorrow, Prof,” I said, putting my arm around Maria. “Time for me to find out how wet you’ve made my little slut.”

I slide two fingers into Maria. She blushed but she didn’t move away, instead she pressed herself against me as I worked her. I could see it was taking all of Julien’s control not to cross the room and fuck us. I wouldn’t let him of course. I wanted to make him wait first. I wanted him to feel used.

I pulled my fingers out of Maria. She mewled in protest, already having forgotten that she was being fingered in public. I silenced her by pushing my wet fingers into her mouth, holding them high so that she’d have to stretch to suck them. I want Ward to see her tongue stud in action.

See what you missed when you wouldn’t let her suck you, Prof?”

I want you and your sextoy out of my office,” he said. His tone was hard and unforgiving. But his cock was harder. I swear it shivered as he spoke. He’d be jacking off as soon as we left the room.

I can see you want us, Prof. Tomorrow should be fun. Don’t be late,” I said. And then I dragged Maria out of there.

She was still mauling me when we reached my car; rubbing her self against me and feeling me up. I had to slap her to make her stop. Hitting her felt good so I did it again. She looked up at me in shock but she didn’t try to defend herself. My cunt contracted when I realised she was waiting for me to hit her again.

We were alone in the parking lot and my Santa Fe is way taller than Maria, so I decided to take her.

Turn and face the car. Put your hands on the vehicle and spread your legs.” Jesus, I thought, I sound just like a cop. I liked the idea.

Maria didn’t move so I span her round by her shoulders and threw her against the car. I was rougher than I meant to be and she bounced of the car but she assumed the position. I kicked her legs wider apart. She was tense, waiting for the next blow.

I kissed her on the neck and ran my hands over her little tits. “You were a good girl, Maria, so Amy’s gonna reward you.” She pressed her butt back against me and purred. She actually purred. “Amy’s gonna push her fist up your cunt until you come screaming like the little painslut you are.”

Amy, I…”

I slapped her hard across the butt. “You wanna talk, slut? Then the only words I wanna hear are ‘Thank you, Amy’. Do you understand that?”

I thought she’d say “Yes” but she was smarter than that, she just said “Thank you, Amy”

The first two fingers just slid in. I worked them in and out pushing her up onto the balls of her feet.

With every stroke she said, “Thank you, Amy”.

I had to squat to get the rest of the fingers in. The thumb was the most difficult. Then I was in her up to my wrist. Fuck, that felt good. I closed my hand into a fist and she screamed for the first time. I rested my head against her ass to keep my balance (and because I liked the feel of her flesh on my forehead) then I fucked her with my fist. I kept it slow; I didn’t want to rip her.

The little slut was still chanting “Thank you, Amy.” I was so hot that I had to slip a finger over my clit. I steepled my fingers inside Maria and pushed until I found her cervix, then I squeezed. Shit she went off like a hooked fish. The sound of her coming tipped me over. I bit into her butt as I came, closing my eyes with the pleasure of it.

When the come had passed I realised my knees were stiff and my hand was still jammed up Maria’s cunt. I yanked the hand out and she collapsed onto her knees. She let herself sit then turned to face me.

Her face was streaked with tears. She’d bitten that cocksucking lip and there was a little line of blood running over her chin.

I was just wondering if I’d gone too far when she said, “Thank you, Amy.” Then she looked down and said, “I love you.”

That woke me up. I’d had enough of Maria for one day. I reached forward and pulled her head against my breast. As she started to nuzzle I  wiped my cunt-slimed hand on her hair.

Yeah, well to me you’re just a wet cunt and a talented tongue, Maria.”

I stood up. She looked ready to cry. When I drove away she was still kneeling in the parking lot.

Yeah, I know I was hard on her, but she shouldn’t have brought up all that love shit. I hate it when they do that.

Anyway, Sis, that was Phase one of my master plan in action. Phase two is tonight. I go to the Lazy O and make Julien Ward regret not fucking me when he had the chance.

I’m gonna tell him that if he lets us tie him, Maria and I will take turns on his cock. I might even have Maria suck him while I tie the knots. Then I’m gonna push some Viagra down his throat. He’s gonna be hard for hours and we won’t fuck him once.

I’m gonna take Maria right on top of him. I’m gonna use a strap-on to take her hard. Then I’m gonna strap it onto darling Julien’s mouth and use it to fuck myself silly. The bastard will be begging to come. If he begs prettily enough I’ll get Maria to give him a hand job while I sit on his face.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Hey, I may even take a few more pictures just so you can join in the fun.

Hugs and Kisses


PS: Have you dumped that wimp boyfriend of yours yet? I don’t know why you put up with him. When I had him at Spring Break he wasn’t that good a lay.

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