Lobo’s Choice

Lobo’s Choice

© Mike Kimera 2000
Lobo is the kind of dog that makes you wonder about reincarnation. Sometimes, when I’m feeling low, he looks at me with those wise eyes of his and its like he’s saying “Hush now Laurie. It will pass. Everything will be OK. Trust me I’ve been there.” And you know, I believe him.

When I first met Lobo he was a little black ball of fluff abandoned at the pound. Now he’s a big dog and I mean big. All that long black fur makes him look even bigger. He weighs in at close on 60lb and all of it’s muscle. People look at me and say “Laurie, that dog’s getting bigger than you are girl”.

He’s a good dog though and over the years we’ve learned to trust one another. Lobo will pretty much let me do anything to him.

Anyway, the thing about Lobo is he knows about people. He knows good people from bad people and he’s never been wrong yet. He meets a person for the first time and he just knows.

Me, I never see the bad guy coming til it’s way too late. Got my feelings hurt more times than enough that way. Some guy flashes me a smile and talks real sweet in my ear and the next thing I know I’m in the back of his car leaving footprints on the windows and afterwards he’s just gone with the wind.

Lobo and I have been together for eight years now. That’s longer than any guy has hung around, including my shit-for-brains husband. Lobo didn’t ever like him. I’d have saved myself a barrel full of grief if I’d listened to Lobo instead of marrying a scumbag with a $1,000 smile.

Now the thing is Lobo likes Gus. There’s lots of folks as don’t share Lobo’s opinion. Gus is a difficult man for some people to feel comfortable with. He’s an old style cowboy. A dying breed. He don’t take shit from no one. He knows a fool when he sees one and that doesn’t win him a lot of friends. Folks look at him and see the hair in a ponytail and that big knife that he wears on his belt all the time and they see trouble. Me, I’d see a guy I’d like to know better, maybe much better.

The thing about Gus is that he’s older than me. I’ve never asked him his age but I guess he’s 55 or so. He has a boy in his twenties who left town a while back, just after his mother died. I’m 37, pushing 38 and some folks think he’s too old for me. His face is lined and his hair’s more grey than blond now, but the man has style, you know? He wears tooled cowboy boots that he’s had for years. Wrangler jeans worn to his shape, striped brushpopper shirts and a big red neckerchief that looks real fine next to that blond grey beard of his. He has a black cowboy hat, custom made for him in Durango, with an eagle feather in the band, and he always wears a set of polaroid amber sun-glasses; only thing he wears that would let you know we’re in the 21st century. Gus’s face may be lined now, but a smile still fits it real easy.

So you know how it is, you see someone around and you smile at each other and say hi when you meet and you know there’s some warmth there but there’s nothing to move it on. You could go on like that for years, know what I mean? I guess Gus and I were like that until a few weeks ago. In a way it was Lobo who changed things. If I thought he’d done it deliberately then I’d know he was part human.

My trailer is off the road a piece, at least a mile from my nearest neighbour. I like the quiet. It was Friday evening, one of those summer evenings that goes on til very late. It was hot and dry. I was sitting in the shade outside my trailer, just letting myself mellow out with a cold one, when I Gus showed up on that fine horse of his with Lobo across his saddle.

“Good evening, Laurie” says Gus. Lobo is looking at me kinda embarrassed and making sure I can see the white bandage on his front paw. I’m up out of my chair and rushing towards them.

Gus looks down at me and says. “Now don’t you fret. It’s nothing serious”. He swings himself out of the saddle as if it’s no height at all and then lifts Lobo down. Even while I’m worrying about Lobo, I’m noticing the strength that that takes and thinking about the wiry muscle beneath Gus’s shirt.

As soon as Lobo is on the ground he limps towards me on three legs, his tail wagging and his tongue touching the end of his nose the way it does when he’s apologising for something. I’m kneeling and hugging him and then looking at Gus and saying, “What did the dumb dog do now?”

“Well, it seems he got a bit over enthusiastic chasing prairie dogs over near the ranch and got his paw trapped in some old fencing wire. I’m sorry about that, Laurie, the wire should never have been left there like that. But he’s OK. I gave him a tetanus shot, put some powder on the wound and bound it up to keep it clean. He should be fine by morning.”

When I stand up, with Lobo leaning against my leg, I find that I’m real close to Gus and I’m looking into his face and not finding anything to say. I’m just sort of lost there. I can smell him. He smells of horse and dried sunshine. I want more of that smell.

Gus is smiling at me, waiting for me to say something. Lobo licks my hand and I come round. “Gus that was so kind of you. And bringing him all the way over here like that.”

Oh no problem, Laurie, old Brandy and I both needed a ride tonight and besides, Lobo said I should bring him straight home.”

I laughed and said “Well I’ve always got time for a man as can speak dog. That’s a sign of real ability. Now you take yourself a chair while I get some water for Lobo and couple of cold beers for you and me”.

Well one beer led to another they way they sometimes do when you just don’t want a conversation to end. We talked about people we both knew and movies we liked. Gus liked that movie “8 seconds” about the rodeo, and of course he had all of “Lonesome Dove” on video but what surprised me was that his favourite movie was “Top Gun”. Next thing I know he’s singing that song: you know – “She’s lost that loving feeling” like they do in the movie. He has a fine deep voice and he’s playing it for laughs. So we sing some more movie tunes. Then we play do-you-remember this TV theme tune?

By this time it’s dark and what with the beer and the singing and the laughing I’m dizzy and tired in a happy sort of way. I’m sitting very close to Gus now and suddenly there’s a silence and we’re just looking at each other. Then he kisses me. He’s looking at my mouth and leaning forward slowly, leaving lots of time for me to move away, then his lips are on mine.

Every nerve I have in my body feels those lips brushing against me. His hand comes up to the side of my neck and I lean into him. He doesn’t rush. Kissing for Gus isn’t a step you take on your way to some place else; he savours it. He sucks my lower lip into his mouth and runs his tongue over it and it’s the sexiest thing anyone has ever done with me. Then his whole mouth is on mine, his beard is stroking my face as he moves, and when his tongue pushes into me I moan.

He pulls back for a second, so he can see my eyes. His hand still on my neck, and says “Laurie, darling, I’ve been wanting to do that for the longest time”.

I give him a big grin. I know my nipples, which are standing up and cheering, must be visible through my shirt, but he’s a gentleman and keeps his eyes on mine. I take hold of his hand and move it from my neck to my breast. It’s a hard warm hand and I lean into it. Gus kisses me again but this time his thumb is moving firmly over my nipple and my hands are in his hair.

I break the kiss by standing up. I don’t say anything; I just keep looking at him as I take off my shirt. Now other men might be scrambling out of their jeans by now or trying to pull off mine, but Gus just watches, watches in a way like I’m unwrapping a present. So now I’m just in my shorts.

Normally I’d feel self-conscious but tonight I feel like a goddess in the moonlight. I grin wickedly, and then do that thing you see in the movies, you know where the woman leans forward at the waist and pushes down her shorts at the same time? It looks so sexy when they do it. Maybe it’s the beers or the size of my thighs but I get part way there and lose my balance. Gus leans forwards and catches me and I’m now naked in his lap with my shorts just below my knees.

I’ll never forget what he did next. I wake up in the night dreaming of it. He pulls my head back gently by the hair, making me arch my spine, then, in one movement, his mouth is on my breast, his finger is sliding into me, his thumb is on my button and he’s playing me like I’m a guitar. Man does he know chords. I come howling into the night.

When I return to earth he kisses my mouth and says, “You are one sexy lady, Lauri darlin”.

“Mmmmmm thank you,” I say. I still didn’t know how we got here so fast so I decide to let him lead. He does. He carries me, like I weigh nothing at all, which makes me feel great, over to the sun lounger. He makes me lay back while he pulls off my shorts and panties. Now I’m naked and he’s fully dressed but it feels OK.

“Laurie darlin, you look good enough to eat”, he says; then he shows me he means it.

Now most guys, if you can get them down there at all, don’t really know what they’re doing. They want you to blow them so they lick you first. They’ve seen it in all those porno movies. But they don’t touch the right places in the right way. They fumble and nip or just press too hard. Some of them are so far off target you want to draw them a map. Gus didn’t need a map. He knew the territory well and he knew how to travel it. Soon my hand is on his head and my hips are bucking. My god I’ve come for the second time and I haven’t even unzipped the man yet.

“Gus” I say, “it’s my turn. Get yourself out of those jeans”.

“Yes Maam” he says, laughing.

I can’t take my eyes off his cock. A man his age you have to wonder if it’s all that it once was you know? But Gus is standing proud and I want him. His skin there feels smooth and hot. I kneel in front of him and kiss the underside, just above his balls.

“Laurie, you do much more of that and I won’t be accountable for the outcome,” Gus says; but he doesn’t move.

I work the flat of my tongue up his shaft then take the head quickly in my mouth. God he feels good.

Standing up I signal for him to lie on the lounger. Now I’m not as limber as I was but this I know how to do. I squat over him and feed him inside of me. I love this part: the heat, the slow slide in, the sense of being filled, the look of surprise when my muscles kick in. I bend over him like a jockey and we start to gallop. I am so wet I have to concentrate to keep him inside me. I’m talking now, little phrases of encouragement, urging him on like a horse in a race. It turns out to be a long race. I’m covered in sweat and my legs are trembling, then Gus lets out this kinda growl, I sink to the base of his cock and stay there while he comes inside me. I love that feeling.

Afterwards, with a blanket around us and Lobo at our feet, I say, “Are we going to be OK, Gus?”

Gus kisses the top of my head and hugs me. “Laurie darlin, you worry too much. We’re gonna be just fine”.