New Erotic Fiction

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Dark Desires

The Sisters: succubi sisters wreak revenge
Bear Creek, Missouri 1884

My name is Jonas Kale. I am forty-six years old. I was married two days ago. By dawn the Sisters will have taken the last of my breath from me and I will be dead. Most of my strength has already been drained away. The face I see in the mirror is that of an old man, hollowed out by life.

Bar Snack: predatory male manipulates vulnerable woman at a bar

Sandie was my type of woma alone, a little drunk, more than a little  overweight and flashing her flabby flesh like a fritzing neon sign on a rundown whorehouse.

SCAR Chapter 1: media man with a secret is stalked by a mysterious woman

The moment I come in the whore’s mouth my self-disgust takes over. She is still sucking my not yet limp dick. On her knees, looking up at me with her soft brown eyes, naked apart from the too-short school skirt that I asked her to wear; she is a perfect picture of submissive beauty. She is completely compliant; mine to use however I wish.

Do you know how frightening that thought is? How it corrodes my soul?

SCAR Chapter 2: media man with a secret is stalked by a mysterious woman

At some level, I know I am dreaming. This is not how it was. At the time, I didn’t see her so clearly; didn’t hunger for her as I do now. Then the taken-for-granted future stretched before us; now only the severed stump of might-have-beens is left to me.

For a few seconds I am both actor and audience in this mind-movie directed by my subconscious. Seeing myself, drowsy and inattentive, I want to shout “Wake up. This is important. You will never have this moment again.” But I find I can make no sound. Instead my awareness narrows, and I become, for a time, a man who has not yet realised that this is the happiest he will ever be.

Pro-Boner Work: a cameo on the evils of sex traffiking

I like to slide a finger into the new ones. Nothing beats hot tight young cunt, except maybe the noise they make when my thumbnail works their clit. Natalia keeps them standing there ’til I’m done. She tapes it all; says play ing back their first day to them helps keep ‘em in line later.

Naughty But Nice?: twisted games on Valentine’s Day

I shouldn’t have been hard but I was. After the Valentine’s night I’d had, any normal man would’ve wanted to be deeply asleep. I’ve never thought of myself as a normal man and what I wanted was to be deeply inside Christine.

Dominance and Submission

Ask Alice : Dom offers to fulfill lesbian friend’s  fantasy

Alice is small, round, pale and naked. Hot fingers of desire run their nails up from my belly to my breasts. This instant arousal shames me, not just because it is lust without a context but because the trigger for my arousal is not the soft heavy flesh in front of me but the ugly slave collar around the girl’s neck and the strange gag across her mouth.

Kirsten’s First Morning At The Sanctuary : Dom brings young sub to the Sanctuary for training

The shower room is tiled from floor to ceiling. At first sight it looks as if the shower curtain is missing, until the eye is drawn to the cuffs hanging from what is not, after all, a shower-rail. The girls raise Kirsten’s arms above her head and fasten them, wide apart, on the rail, then they spread her legs and tie them to rings set in the tiled floor.

I move forward and push my fingers through Kirsten’s hair. I keep her hair short and boyish, it’s easier to maintain and it provides a vivid contrast to her full figure. Kirsten tries to kiss my arm but I stop her with a look. When I hold up the blacked-out swimming goggles, she bows her head. With a practiced motion, I deprive her of her sight.

Amy Goes to College: Novella in progress about a brattish slut caught up in college corruption
Amy Goes to College: Chapter 1 – Amy’s college life gets off to a spanking start

“I think,” I said, flipping Amy’s parody of a skirt up over her back, “that if we handle this privately…” I slid the flat of my hand over her right buttock. “We can put the whole matter behind us.”

My fingers hooked the top of Amy’s provocative black panties. “Do you agree, Ms. Farmer?”

I swear I could smell her cunt. The little bitch was angry but she was horny angry, my favourite kind.

“Yes. I agree. Sir.”

Amy Goes to College: Chapter2 – Amy plans revenge

“Please, Amy. I’ll do anything,” she said.

Her cunt was soaked. She was starting to turn me on. I pushed her back down on the seat, making sure no one could see us. I lay down on her full length. My tits pushing up against her. Her thigh trying to dry hump me between my legs.

I held her hands above her head and said, “Do you want my pussy, Maria? Do you want your tongue up my cunt?” She pushed against me but couldn’t move.

“Yes” she breathed, “God yes”.

“Well you’ll have to earn it you little lesbian slut”

That started to sober her up. She didn’t like that so much.

“If you want my pussy” I said, “I want to see this shaved and smooth.” I put my hand on her cunt and pushed two fingers in while still holding her hands above her head “and I want this pierced.”

Sex and Laughter

Bedazzled: female officer is attracted to man she pulls over for speeding

That first fuck was wild. He picked me up, put me on his cock and literally rode me round the room. I was shouting “Yea Hah” so hard the neighbours complained. I came with a rush and he was still hard. He stayed that way for an hour. I was in heaven. I knew he was training me like a bronco;  riding me ‘til I got tired but I figured the ride was worth it.

When I couldn’t move any more, I lay my head on his hard stomach and sucked his cock like a baby on the tit. He came in my mouth, great spurts of cum pumping into me, his hand resting on my head as if he was patting a favourite dog.

Sex and Self-discovery

Lobo’s Choice: romance starts when cowboy returns her injured dog

Every nerve I have in my body feels those lips brushing against me. His hand comes up to the side of my neck and I lean into him. He doesn’t rush. Kissing for Gus isn’t a step you take on your way to some place else; he savours it. He sucks my lower lip into his mouth and runs his tongue over it and it’s the sexiest thing anyone has ever done with me. Then his whole mouth is on mine, his beard is stroking my face as he moves, and when his tongue pushes into me I moan.

Sex with Owen: Small woman attracted to large man

We both know that, when he kneels behind me, the brush in Owen’s hand is not there to groom me, but to claim to me; to shape the heart of who I am into who he needs me to be.

By kneeling here, naked, my back to him, my hair in his possession, I signal that I am his to take tonight.

When he is satisfied that the slow rhythmic brushing has settled me and focused me, he puts the brush aside and slowly wraps my hair around his left fist, like a rider gathering in the reins of a skittish horse, until the tightness of his grip forces my head back, exposing my neck, straightening my spine, holding me in the first position of our well-practiced dressage.

Speculative Erotic Fiction

The Enclave Young woman puts a  new arrival at the Enclave through a lesbian sex show for the Legate’s pleasure

“I’m not as young as I look,” I said quietly, my mouth against her ear. “The Legate makes me dress like this. He likes the virgin-whore schoolgirl thing.”

The woman made no reply. Well, the cock-gag in her mouth made that predictable, but some of the panic left her eyes.h

“Now I need you to lie very still.” I said, loudly enough for the microphones to pick up.

Her whole body stiffened. She’d seen the cut-throat razor in my hand.

“It’s OK. I’m good at this. I get lots of practice. I’ll have your mound smooth and hairless in no time at all.”

I thought for a moment she might cry. Instead she turned her head away. Most of them prefer not to watch.

The King’s Cocksucker


Body Games #Twitterfiction

Twisted #Twitterfiction

With This Ring, I Thee Bed

In Cyberspace No One Can See You Blush


Falls The Shadow


Box 127

“Till Death Do Us Part”


Coming Home

Lost and Found


Work  In Progress

Beloved Part 1

Beloved Part 2

Mrs Prendergast’s Gift: Part 1

Mrs Prendergast’s Gift: Part 2

Untouched Part 1

Untouched Part 2

Untouched Part 3

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