The Way Of The Courtesan – A Novel In Progress



“The Way Of The Courtesan” is my first attempt at a novel. As with many first attempts, things have not always gone smoothly but I’ve learnt a lot in the process.

When I first started writing this, I assumed that I needed a sex scene every other page.  Now I’m more confident that the characters and the plot are as important as the sex and the I need to create a convincing world for them to live in.

I recently (well after the first chapters of this book were written) read the Merry Gentry book and was pleased to see that a good fantasy story can be braided with sex so that the one strengthens the other.

“The Way Of The Courtesan” is an SF story set on a colony world founded to provide a home for men who believed it was their duty to lead and women’s place to follow. I’m using it to look at the power relationships between men and women and to have a riotous time along the way.

I will post new chapters as and when they get done. All feedback will be gratefully received.

Chapter 1: Riding the Courtesan’s Pony
Chapter 2: Lady Sabine
Chapter 3: Ravier’s Dawn
Chapter 4: Preparing Rachel
Chapter 5: Ravier and Jenna


One thought on “The Way Of The Courtesan – A Novel In Progress

  1. God, you’re good. See why RG is so enamored with your writing.
    Trust your instincts re what to do with your stories. If your gut tells you there is more, there is. I’ve got more ideas and will be back, but please visit my little corner of the world and tell me what you think. I’ll be more than happy to reciprocate.

    regards, rbb

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