Speculative Erotic Fiction

I started reading “Speculative Fiction” – fiction that starts with – what it things were different? – almost as soon as I could read.

Over the decades, I’ve continued to enjoy fiction that has the courage to imagine change and the courage to accept its consequences.

As a writer. one of the things I find most attractive about speculative fiction is the implicit contract with the reader which says: “Don’t expect to understand it all at the begining, but pay attention, there are things you should be noticing.”

The speculative fiction reader of my imagination, reads actively and demands that the writer helpsthem to build a  bridge from the world we know to the world as it might be.

One of the best bridges is emotiom. World’s change but we remain anchored to our emotions. How we love and lus and how those around us react to it help to make speculative fiction real.

Erotica has many of these emotions at its heart. Erotic Speculative Fiction can pack an enormous punch.

If you’d like to read these kinds of stories, I recommend “Alien Sex” edited by Ellen Datlow and published back in 1990 with stories from A-list SF writers like Connie Willis. Pat Cadigan, Harlen Ellison, Larry Niven and Leigh Kennedy

The Sisters

The Enclave

The King’s Cocksucker

Beloved Part 1

Fucking Forever

Brave Enough To Cry
Inside Mr. K
Made Flesh
Newton’s Laws Of Emotion
Queen Martha And The Knights Of The Bound Table
Yoshi And The Shibari Cowgirls

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