Wolf Wakes

“Wolf Wakes” is complete in itself but is intended as the first part of a multi-part story. This story is a departure from my normal subject matter because it involves mind control. I’m a (slightly shame-faced) fan of mind control stories. I found Caesar’s stories always stuck with me and reached spots other stories didn’t. Try Disabled Powers or Tim’s Life if you want to know what I mean.

The problem with these stories is that they are a kind of rape fantasy. This isn’t something that I wanted to teach myself to write. “Wolf Wakes” takes up the challenge of Mind Control With A Conscience.

I hope the next stories in the series will show that it’s possible to arouse while still avoiding rape in Mind Control stories.

After the accident, my cock woke before I did. It stretched upwards, tenting the sheet, calling for my hands to bring it release. Except I couldn’t move my hands, or open my eyes, or make a sound.

Had it not been for the flesh-flagpole with which I was saluting the day, I would have assumed I was dead.

Panic ripped through me, leaving my flesh damp and my tongue coated with the taste of fear.

I knew that taste well. I grew up with it. It has been my companion even longer than the sometimes painfully insistent erections that have taunted me since puberty hit me like a punch in the stomach.

I searched my awareness for some sign of my mother, Annelyse, but I found nothing. I wondered if she had finally given way to her anger and had me dumped somewhere, bound and helpless. I know that this is something she has often longed to do.

My mother is beautiful and intelligent and rich and not entirely sane. It is part of my curse that I have always known her too well. I can literally read her mind. It is one of the reasons that she hates me. The main reason that she hates me is that I remind her of my father, the man who raped her, the man who somehow compelled her to carry me to term, to give birth to me, to suckle me and raise me. It seems that the one thing he couldn’t compel her to do was love me.

The part of my mind that is always searching for Annelyse, like a dog raising its nose in the air and breathing deep, found the nurse. Or rather, it found her mind.

This surprised me. I’d never found a mind other than my mother’s. Surprise was washed away by relief. I wasn’t dead and I wasn’t abandoned. I was in hospital and there was a nurse outside my room.

I tried to call out. No words came, but without knowing how, I moved closer to the nurse, pressing up against her mind, mentally licking it, sniffing it, looking for access.

I had no idea what I was doing. The only mind I’d ever touched was my mother’s and the door to her mind was never locked – at least not to me. The nurse’s mind was sealed, like a sphere, with a pliant but impenetrable surface. I could poke at it, get a sense of its shape, but I couldn’t get in.

I picked up surface stuff – the sort of background conversation most of us have with ourselves when we’re alone: her name was Alice, she was tired, she hated working nights, if it wasn’t for her kid she wouldn’t be here at all. She loved her kid but hated what the birth had done to her body. Spread her hips, made her boobs droop. No wonder her boyfriend was gone. Useless piece of shit. Except in bed. Never useless in bed. In bed he’d been Captain Fucking Fantastic. Yeah. Oh yeah. God, what she’d do for a piece of him right now. And she knew exactly which piece and where she’d put it. Just… here. Like that… Yeah.

I tumbled into her mind then. The membrane that had been keeping me out parted, slick and smooth, and I slid in.

Alice was masturbating: legs slightly spread; two fingers working her mound; one hand cupping the weight of her breast through her uniform; eyes closed; mind spinning around images and desires that rubbed against each other and combusted.  It was disorienting but it was as hot as hell.

Back in my body, my cock twitched. It was still the only part of me that could move. But something stirred at the back of my mind. Something that had been curled there, dormant, and was now spreading across my consciousness like a grin.

I wasn’t disoriented any more. I’d found my balance and I was making myself at home. The pulse of Alice’s first mini-orgasm swept over me, a ripple of pleasure that made my cock seep pre-cum. There were no images in her mind any more, just sensations: warmth, release, and… caution.

At first I thought the caution was because she knew I was in her head. Then I realised that the responsible part of Nurse Alice Simmonds didn’t think it was right to wank on duty and was about to make herself stop.


The word hit Alice’s mind like a slap. Everything stopped. Alice held her breath. I tried to disengage. Then the part of me that was yet to introduce itself took over.

Calm flooded Alice. Her mind relaxed and her body tensed. She chewed her lip. At some level she wanted to resist except she had no idea what she was resisting.

Then I found her lust, like a ribbon of still damp silk, only partly pushed back into a drawer. I pulled, hard and all the things Alice had ever wanted spilled out across her brain.

It was a stupid thing to do. I could have killed her, letting that much lust loose at the one time. The response was immediate. She went into a fit, heels kicking against the floor, eyes rolled back, heart pounding.

“Help her.”

I was speaking to myself. No. Not myself. To the thing I’d woken.

“Wolf. My name is Wolf,” it replied and I knew that it was enjoying watching Alice suffer.


Wolf sneered at me but started to roll up the lust and push it back into the drawer.

The fit stopped. Alice was coming around. I wanted to leave.

“Not yet.” Wolf said. “This we keep. This we want. This we want a lot.”

Wolf was holding something. I couldn’t see what. Something he hadn’t put back in the drawer. A memory or a desire.

An image blossomed in Alice’s mind. A boy. Her first boy.  He was beautiful and hard and grinning at her.

I felt Alice’s nipples rise. She slipped one finger into herself. So hot and wet and so not enough.

“Fuck boy.” Wolf said. “Fuck boy. Fuck boy in room. Fuck boy. Fuck boy in next room. Fuck boy. Fuck boy now.”

Simple, primitive words, but powerful.

Alice responded with one word that came out like a sigh, almost a caress: “Yes.”

It was a shock to see myself through Alice’s eyes when she switched on the light in my room. I looked so small. Except for my cock, tenting the sheets. It had always been too large for me. There was damage to my head. Bruising. Bandages. Then the image changed and Alice saw her first boy on the bed in my place.

“You’re tricking her.”

“Yes,” Wolf said. “Good trick. Fucking good trick”

Alice had pulled back the sheet and climbed onto the bed. Her boy grinned up at her when she grasped the base of my cock.

“Stop this.”

Wolf ignored me.


Wolf grinned.

“Can’t stop me.”

Alice was astride my hips, pulling up her uniform, positioning herself over my cock.

“Both want.” Wolf said.

Alice rubbed the tip of my cock along her wet slit.

“You want. I want. Both want. Won’t stop.” Wolf said.

And he was right. I wanted to fuck Alice. I wanted to push my hips up and split her and fuck her and spill inside her. Except I couldn’t move my hips.

Alice sank onto my cock.

Wolf panted.

I was lost in the dual sensations of entering and being entered.

Hands resting on my chest, Alice threw back her head and drew a figure of eight with her hips.

Dear God in heaven.

I couldn’t distinguish if it was my thought or Alice’s.

It was easy to let her fuck me. She was so good and having so much fun.

But it was also so not a good thing to do.

“I WANT OUT” I shouted.

Wolf let me go.

I was back in my body.

But Alice didn’t stop. She was riding me with her eyes closed and she was smiling.

I still couldn’t move. Wolf had known that. And I could feel everything that Alice did to me. Wolf had known that too.

Alice lifted my hands and pushed them up against her breasts, pressing down on me, pressing me into her. I couldn’t move my hands but she didn’t seem to care. She was lost in fucking her boy.

And the thing was, it felt great. I’d dreamed of this. Wanted this. But I’m not a pretty boy or a confident one, so Alice was my first. I gave myself up to her. She was grunting now. Pressing against my groin hard enough to bruise. When my cum shot up inside her she dug her fingernails into my chest and her whole body shook.

She looked wonderful. I could have fallen in love with her then. I wanted to smile and to kiss her. Except I still couldn’t move.

I remembered the damage to my head and wondered if I was paralysed. Fear flicked through me. My cock shrank and Alice opened her eyes.

“What the fuck…”

I think the fear in her eyes made me do it. I was back in her head in a second, shutting her down, making her calm.

Wolf leared at me. “Good fuck.”

Yes, it had been a good fuck and one of the worst things I’d ever done. I wanted to have it undone. I wanted to have never met Wolf.

“You want Wolf make her forget?”


“You want Wolf make her forget?”

“Yes.” I said.

Wolf grinned and then started to push things around in Alice’s mind. Alice climbed off me, straightened up her clothes, went back to her chair and slipped into a light sleep.

Then I was back in my mind. And Wolf was with me.  I wondered if he would always be with me now but I didn’t dare to ask. I wondered if I was a cripple now or if I would get better. Most of all I wondered if my mother had known about Wolf all along. I wondered if she’d met Wolf before.

It was too much. I needed to sleep, had to sleep, but something was nagging at me.

“I can still feel Alice,” I said.

“Good Fuck,” Wolf agreed.

“No, I mean I’m still connected. I still know she’s out there.” She was dreaming of her boy and she was happy.

“Yes.” Wolf said. “Anytime you want now, you take. Alice always yours if you want”

“But what about what Alice wants?”

Wolf grinned, curled into a ball and went to sleep.

I lay there, physically and morally paralysed. I needed my mother, but I was dreadfully afraid that she would know what I had done. That she had always known what I would do.

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