Recommended Reading

Recommended Stories of the Month

March 2011

Back When We Were Happy: wife binds husband to make him listen

A bleak tale of loneliness and its consequences.

Unhappiness lacks the drama of grief, James. It doesn’t happen suddenly. It’s more like getting old, it occurs so slowly and the loss is so gradual that you notice it only when you suddenly can’t do something that you used to take for granted.

Nothing: some memories leave a scar

It lasted less than twenty minutes. This bed has known hours, perhaps days of hard, hungry, hasty, happy sex; yet, like a drop of ink in a glass of water, my minutes of held-down, forced-open, pushed-into, spilt-upon abuse have tainted everything.

February 2011

Mating Calls

January 2011:

“Happy Anniversary”
Yoshi And The Shibari Cowgirls

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