With This Ring I Thee Bed

Most sex is between married people and most of them are married to each other.

Perhaps the all-pervasive nature of married sex explains why there is so little of it in fantasy-based erotica.

Yet I find myself coming back time and again to sex in marriage.

Marriage can be based on love or lies or secrets or all three.

Lust and love are not always linked so lust can be a source of sin and shame and secrecy in a marriage.

We all come to terms with sex and marriage in our own way. These stories give you a peek into the impact of those choices on married couples.


Coming Home *NEW*

In Cyberspace No One Can See You Blush *NEW*

Cathy, Donna and the BFD
Deserving Ruth

Happy Anniversary
Happy Hour
Photographic Memories
Soft Option
The Last Taboo
Up In The Morning

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